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The Oxymorons are San Antonio's premiere improvisational comedy troupe. We've been performing as a group since 1989.

So what is this "Improv" thing, anyway?

Glad you asked!

Improvised performance is as old as performance itself. From the 1500s to the 1700s, Commedia dell'arte performers improvised in the streets of Italy.

What we know today as improvisational comedy has been around since the 1950s, and was featured in the BBC, and later ABC, hit show "Who's Line is it Anyway?"

This fun-filled style of comedy depends on audience participation to define the show. Audience members (that would be YOU) make topical suggestions; the performers immediately incorporate the ideas into comedy scenes.

But it's much more fun to see improv than to read about it, so please come and see us play at one of our upcoming improvisational shows.

Watch Us Play

Here's an exerpt from one of our performances in San Antonio, Texas, at The Rose Theatre. This game is called "Pan Left/Pan Right". The audience gives the players their topics and hilarity ensues. The topics in this round are "brown", "bar", "schizophrenia", "in-laws", "2nd star to the right and straight on until morning" and "hot damn".


Tuesday Nights

Join us every week on Tuesday nights at the Rivercenter Comedy Club in beautiful downtown San Antonio.

Performances are at 8:30pm, and ticket prices are $15.

You can reach the Rivercenter Comedy Club at (210) 633-6423.

Dress Like a 'Moron

Visit our online apparel store on Cafe Press to purchase Oxy gear.

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